I support Karen because she understands the necessity of reproductive rights and the value it holds to college students. -Adiba Khan, Founder and Co-director for Students United for Reproductive Justice at UC Berkeley


At college, Mental Health Services for me, was the difference between success and destruction. -Steven, Member Underground Scholars, UC Berkeley


I support Karen because I have witnessed her ability to advocate for undocumented students that are often unheard and underrepresented. At the Peralta Community College District’s first Undocumented Community Resource Center we are eternally grateful for her unconditional support, mentorship, and leadership towards the undocumented community. -Selina Gonzalez, Member of the Dreamer and Undocumented Student Task Force


I support Karen because she has provided many students including myself with unique opportunities of leadership..Karen is a visionary of student empowerment. -Brianna Rogers, Former Student Trustee, Peralta Board of Trustees


Karen has a demonstrated commitment to full access and equity in higher education for all. She has mentored aspiring first generation college students - Dreamers - and those looking to gain career/technical skills. She will make an outstanding Trustee. -Karen Hemphill, Berkeley School Board Director

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